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1. Customer places order
A customer enters an order on a merchant's website. The transaction information is encrypted and transmitted to the QuickCommerce secure server, which is linked via a dedicated leased line to the credit card processing network. 
2. QuickCommerce verifies with bank
The transaction information is sent by the QuickCommerce secure server via leased line to the credit card network where the validity of the card is checked and the availability of funds on that account is verified. An authorization code is returned via leased line to the QuickCommerce secure server; the authorization is encrypted by the QuickCommerce server and transmitted in encrypted form to the merchant's web server which triggers fulfillment of the order. 
3. Receipt is issued and merchant gets money
An e-mail receipt is sent to the customer and the merchant (either or both can be disabled at merchant's option). Within 48 - 72 hours the merchant receives the money! 


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