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Welcome to an exciting new chapter in the growth of your e-commerce business !

E-Commerce is growing at an incredible pace with over
in worldwide revenues projected by the year 2003!

In today's competitive business environment you have to accept
secure credit card and check payments over the Internet.


Top 11 Reasons
YOU Need to Accept
Secure Credit Card and Check Payments over the Internet

1. Increased Sales
Turn your website from an electronic brochure into a money-making virtual storefront

2. Impulse Buying
Make it easy for customers to buy from you online-when impulse strikes!

3. Make Money While You Sleep!
With your commerce-enabled website you can sell around the clock, every day of the week, automatically, without hiring a clerk to run the store!

4. Instant Gratification
Online shoppers want to buy it now. If they canít order from you online, most will keep looking for a site where they can.

5. Level Playing Field
On the Internet no one knows youíre a small business. Look like and compete with the big guys!

6. Customer Convenience
Make it easy for people to buy from you online. The convenience of shopping any time, from home or office, is the major reason consumers buy online.

7. Increased Market Size
Your commerce-enabled website gives you access to credit card users across the country and around the world. Take advantage of selling on the "World Wide Web!"

8. Customer Loyalty
Research shows that online buyers tend to return to sites where they have bought before. For example, web mall pioneer America Online had over $1.2 Billion in sales during the last 6 weeks of 1998 alone!

9. Competitive Weapon
Online consumers will choose the Internet merchant who accepts secure payments over one who does not.

10. Enhanced Advertising
Accepting credit cards online increases the credibility of your business. When was the last time you saw an honest offer that did not give the option to pay by credit card?

11. Security
Protect sensitive payment information with our secure encryption technology.

Your customers want you
to accept credit cards!

To begin, simply click "HERE" or "Apply" above!

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